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Hi, I’m Jamila Mustapha.

My mission for the Bloom Media is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible get their shit together on the internet, reach more prospects, market their products and explode their profits, thus making the kind of impact they set out to make.

It makes me want to curl up and cry when I see businesses with everything it takes to succeed not taking advantage of this wide open world of possibilities called the Internet.

I’m a Divi web designer, writer, occasional poet, translator and a restless creative totally at your service.

I’ve been published in the Huffington Post, Afro Trips, Stefen Guise, Dumb Little Man, Pen profile and so on.

On the side, I’m a fiercely patriotic Nigerian and so you’ll often find me discussing national politics. I love books like I love food, and I’m a bit of a recluse and so don’t be surprised if you don’t see me around for a few days.

And right now, I totally think we should be friends.


Jamila Mustapha

Jamila Mustapha

Founder, The Bloom Media

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