I help entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet to carve out a niche for themselves, market their offerings, amass raving fans and therefore, explode their profits.

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Some of my published guest posts

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Web Design

MUB Engineering

Logo. Web Design. Copy Editing. Letterhead.

Suhaib Mohammed

Logo. Web Design.

Whispers NG

Logo. Web Design. Management
Nice things they say about me

"Smart translation, meeting up with deadlines, reviews, and trust - Jamila Mustapha came with everything we wanted, which was a relief to us after dealing with so many unprofessional translators. She even gave a special free service for our charity minor works as her contribution to our course. We enjoy our relationship and we are very proud of her work"

Oluwadamilola Apotieri-Abdulai

CEO, Playback Nigeria

"The best part about working with Jamila is not even how good she is, It is her genuine interest in the success of your business. She'll offer suggestions and advice where necessary even if it's outside the scope of her work. She's been a part of MUB Engineering's journey right from the onset and we've profited much from the relationship. I highly recommend her. "

Mukhtar Umar Baba (PhD)

Director, MUB Engineering

"Jamila is a multi-passionate person who is such a joy to work with. Thanks to her, I now have a website that isn’t just pleasing to look at, it projects my professionalism outward. Her excellent work really does speak for itself. I strongly recommend her for any web design, copywriting, or editing projects"

Suhaib Muhammad

CEO, Cademica

"Whether she’s designing a website or writing an article, Jamila puts her all in whatever she’s doing. You’ll feel it in the way she interacts with you and in the passion that she so obviously put into her work. I invited her to be a part of Afro Trips and I’ve never regretted that decision"

Abdulrasheed Raji

CEO, Afro Trips

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